2020-11-20 Italian Banks and NPL Market – English Update

Scope Ratings released an update on NPL ABS collections based on special servicer report. From April to September average monthly recoveries were some 156m vs 207m six month average of the pre covid period. New lockdown measures may affect collections in the last months of 2020. Read the Article.

Jean Pierre Mustier, speaking on behalf of the European Banking Federation (EBF), called for a revision of the rules on calendar provisioning and called for the creation of a more integrated European banking system. Read the article.

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Paolo Gentiloni, EU Commissioner for the Economy, announced new NPL Guidelines to be published by this year end during an earing on the EU Commission’s Tax Policy in the EU Finance and Policy Committees of the Itlian Parlament. Read the article.

The Italian Treasury is working on a incentive package to attract potential buyers for Monte dei Paschi. The plan includes a corporate split aimed at shielding new potential buyers from pending legal claims. Read the article

Alfieri fund, managed by Ream Sgr and underwritten entirely by Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, has been created to acquire existing collaterals of banks NPL. The fund aims to maximize the sale value of the assets acquired over a medium-term time horizon (It has a duration of 15 years). Read the article.

According to the Tecnocasa network of agencies, the most significant effects of the pandemic have been recorded in the volumes of sales and purchases, which fell by 21.8% in the first half of 2020, while the impact on prices will be clearer in 2021. Read the article.

Credit Village’s Monitoring center on NPE Market released an update on transactions in the first nine months of the year, recording a decrease of just over 11% in the number of transactions and 15.8% in value. By the end of the year, considering the pipeline transactions and the positive closing of the MPS-Amco Jumbo deal, total volumes are estimated at around €27-28 billion. Article in Italian.

Banco BPM and Cherry 106 have developed a series of products to accommodate requests for the assignment of tax credits to exploit the new benefits on maintenance expenses on residential buildings; requests can be made by going to the Bank’s branches and using a new dedicated online platform. Read the article

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SaveTheDate On 24 November 2020 I will participate as a speaker in the virtual event: The management of credits guaranteed by real estate: prospects and critical issues following the health emergency organized by AGIDI – Italian Association of Real Estate Lawyers. Find out More.

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