Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-22

Banca IFIS recently issued an update to its NPL Market Watch showing a pipeline of new transactions worth some € 32 billion showing a slight decrease of only 5Bn with respect to the last forecast published in January. A significant contribution (worth 1 quarter of the total) is expected to come from secondary market. MyContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-22”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-12

The Covid19 Shock has hit Italian banks after a 4 years struggle to reduce NPLs’ stock and increase capital buffer. Since the peak of 2015 gross NPE stock has more than halved and NPE ratio reached the lowest level in 10 year at 7.7%. Despite this remarkable achievement, one of the most significant amongst European countries, Italy has still oneContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-12”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-25

#SaveTheDate dal 27 al 30 aprile ci sarà la CREDIT VILLAGE ITALIAN DIGITAL WEEK la prima conferenza digitale sul mercato degli asset deteriorati italiani. In attesa di entrare nella Fase 2 e di superare l’emergenza sanitaria, ad ogni responsabile viene richiesto di identificare un piano di interventi in grado di traghettare gradualmente la propria aziendaContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-25”