Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-06-12

To see the updates in English check my English Blog Sei una #startup innovativa operante nel #realestate? La tua #startup propone un servizio #innovativo che si applica al #mercatoimmobiliare o al mercato #nplsecured? fatti avanti nella Call for Startup nel Real Estate e NPL Secured I primi video di approfondimento della Credit Village Italian Digital Week Lelio Cacciapaglia, Direttore Tributario MEF (guarda il video) Francesco Lombardo, partnerContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-06-12”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-06-06

The European Commission (EC) has given Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena (MPS) the go-ahead to finally set up a toxic asset restructuring entity. The loan reduction plan still needs approval from the European Central Bank to go ahead but the most important thing is that the EC does not consider the operation as a formContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-06-06”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-29

The European Commission has put forward its proposal for a major recovery plan. To ensure the recovery is sustainable, even, inclusive and fair for all Member States, the European Commission is proposing to create a new recovery instrument, Next Generation EU, embedded within a powerful, modern and revamped long-term EU budget. The Commission has alsoContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-29”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-22

Banca IFIS recently issued an update to its NPL Market Watch showing a pipeline of new transactions worth some € 32 billion showing a slight decrease of only 5Bn with respect to the last forecast published in January. A significant contribution (worth 1 quarter of the total) is expected to come from secondary market. MyContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-22”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-12

The Covid19 Shock has hit Italian banks after a 4 years struggle to reduce NPLs’ stock and increase capital buffer. Since the peak of 2015 gross NPE stock has more than halved and NPE ratio reached the lowest level in 10 year at 7.7%. Despite this remarkable achievement, one of the most significant amongst European countries, Italy has still oneContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-05-12”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-25

#SaveTheDate dal 27 al 30 aprile ci sarà la CREDIT VILLAGE ITALIAN DIGITAL WEEK la prima conferenza digitale sul mercato degli asset deteriorati italiani. In attesa di entrare nella Fase 2 e di superare l’emergenza sanitaria, ad ogni responsabile viene richiesto di identificare un piano di interventi in grado di traghettare gradualmente la propria aziendaContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-25”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-21

As reported by Financial Times European Central Bank officials have held high-level talks with counterparts in Brussels about creating a eurozone bad bank to remove billions of euros in toxic debts from lenders’ balance sheets. The main problem with dealing with a Bad Bank is the proper assessment of distressed assets’ current value and how this is affected by estimationContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-04-21”

Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-03-31

La filiera di erogazione, gestione e recupero del credito non potrà essere immune agli effetti della pandemia di Covied-19.Quale futuro per il mercato degli NPL? A 360° conversation on Covid-19 impact on current status and reasonable perspectives of Credit Management Industry, NPL Market and broad banking industry with Giovanni Bossi and myself. #SavetheDate April 3rd 12 pmContinua a leggere “Italian Banks and NPL Market – Newsletter 2020-03-31”

Newsletter 2020-02-21

Intesa Sanpaolo recently launched a Voluntary Public Exchange Offer for all UBI Banca Ordinary Shares aimed at building a a European Leader to Enhance Value Creation through a Stronger Italian Footprint(read my post on hard time for Italian Banks). Cerved granted a period of exclusivity to Intrum Italy for the negotiation of the potential sale of the Credit Management division, whichContinua a leggere “Newsletter 2020-02-21”

Le slide del mio intervento al consiglio dei “liberi ministri”

Il 15 e 16 Febbraio presso il campus economico dell’Università Ca’ Foscari in Fondamenta S. Giobbe, 873, Venezia VE si è tenuto il terzo meeting di Liberi Oltre le Illusioni . Nel corso del mio intervento al “consiglio dei liberi ministri” dal titolo Unione Bancaria Europea – Nessuna minaccia, Fondamentali opportunità, Intervento al consiglio deiContinua a leggere “Le slide del mio intervento al consiglio dei “liberi ministri””